BEIT selected by the European Innovation Council to receive Accelerator investment

Extremely proud & grateful for featuring BEIT on the latest SMEs list supported by EIC Accelerator!

Our journey to get here was long and bumpy. We used to apply with some of our ideas for H2020 (twice) and EIC Accelerator (twice). Our last EIC Accelerator application was a path paved with extremely hard work of many people and a huge amount of extreme emotions. In order to get where we are, we experienced GOs, NO GOs and resubmission. It was challenging to explain the market potential, while the market does not exist yet. To pitch the idea of selling the IP for quantum computers offering business advantage, while such computers do not exist yet. But we were also smart and lucky enough to find people, who helped us translate our technology into grant application language, who challenged our thinking and strategy, who assessed the application and noticed the potential, as well as those who interviewed us with targeted questions.

Thank you:

  • Anna Różańska, EU Grants Expert, for leading our EIC grant application;
  • Kinga Stanisławska for encouraging us to apply and for supporting us along the way;
  • Aleksandra Ihnatowicz, Kamila Chmielewska, Milena Żuchowska and Mirek Raba from the National Contact Point for your help in clarifying doubts with the EIC Support Team as well as preparing us to the EIC panel interview;
  • Tomasz Ciamulski, Mariusz Ferenc, and Michal Olan for devoting your time and sharing experience;
  • Chrysanthos Chrysanthou, Martin Drdul, Andrzej Targosz, and Robert Chang for comforting us after the failures and cheering us all the time;
  • Wojtek Burkot and Witek Jarnicki for your hard work;
  • Emil Żak and Konrad Deka for all the technical analysis;
  • BEIT Team for your constant trust & support.

Let's take the European quantum expertise to the next level 😀