Our Solutions

Vehicle Routing Algorithms

  • 22 vehicles controlled by D-Wave
  • 11 vehicles controlled by Rigetti
  • Max-Independent-Set & QAOA implementations

QUBO Solver

  • 512 qubits in Chimera topology with 8 columns and 8 rows
  • returns optimal qubits assignment with its theoretical probability
  • available online for free here
QUBO Solver interface


  • library for simplifying writing quantum programs in Python
  • easy integration with IBM Qiskit, Google Cirq, and OpenQASM
  • available as open-source at GitHub
  • read posts about Quasar on our blog to learn more
If( All([c1, c2]) ).Then(
Abstract Syntax Notation
CCX c1 c2 a1
  If( a1).Then(X t1)
  If( a1).Then(Y t2)

  If(!a1).Then(Z t3)
  If(!a1).Then(H t4)
CCX c1 c2 a1
Low level code
CCX c1 c2 a1
CX a1 t1
CY a1 t2
X a1
CZ a1 t3
CH a1 t4
X a1
CCX c1 c2 a1

Micro-diffuser for Unstructured Search

  • improvement of the well-known Grover’s algorithm
  • makes use of micro-diffusers — diffusion operators spanning a small subset of all qubits
  • reduces size of a quantum circuit
  • yielded promising experimental results on 4- and 5-qubit search spaces, see arXiv:2010.03841 (Honeywell) and arXiv:2007.06539 (IBM)
  • publication available at arXiv:2006.05828
Amplitude amplification circuit utilizing micro-diffusers